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What is the Colorado Outfitters Association and Why Join?

The Colorado Outfitters Association (COA) is a professional association of licensed outfitters. Following is some information about membership in our association:

1. The COA gives an individual outfitter a collective voice with State Legislators as well as agencies such as the Division of Wildlife, Forest Service, and Bureau of Land Management.

2. The cost to join the COA is $250.00. This fee is minimal compared to the benefits an outfitter receives. Annual membership to the Northwest Chapter of the COA is $125.00 for outfitter membership, and $25.00 for guide members.

3. The COA functions via a Board of Directors, which is in place to represent all outfitter members. The Board acts according to the majority of the membership, not just a few self-serving interests. The COA also functions with the help of active committees chaired by numerous involved outfitter members.

4. The COA employs an Executive Director who attends Trade Shows, meetings and various other related endeavors to represent outfitters. This time consuming job reaps tremendous benefits for outfitter members. Few outfitters have the time to attend meetings to testify or make comments. Through an Executive Director, outfitter members will always be represented.

5. The COA works diligently to keep outfitter members informed of critical issues facing the industry. This is done primarily through an interactive website where "members only" information is posted on a regular basis. The website also includes contacts and inquiries looking for outfitter services. The COA also publishes a quarterly newsletter to keep outfitter members updated with current information.

An association is only as good as its membership, and can only be as effective as its membership allows. Join us and become a part of the decision making voice for the outfitting industry.

For more information and a membership application to the Northwest Colorado Outfitters Association, please contact the NWCOA Secretary:

Marie Haskett mhaskett@jmloutfitters.com

Northwest Colorado Outfitters Association
300 County Road 75
Meeker, CO 81641

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